San Diego Employment Law Attorney

Owners of certain companies encounter significant legal issues on a regular basis, including:

  • Proper hiring and termination practices
  • Wage and hour laws
  • Sexual harassment and employment discrimination
  • Employee leave situations
  • Employee policies and drafting policy manuals
  • Non-compete (geographical) and confidentiality agreements (trade secrets)
  • Employee privacy & Intranet Policies

We represent employers in all employment-related matters. We advise clients regarding all state and federal employment laws and help them establish hiring, firing and promotion policies that comply with the laws. We represent employers defending wrongful discharge or termination cases.

Wage and Hour Litigation

We advise clients regarding the intricacies of wage and hour regulations and represent businesses when such disputes arise. Read here about Employers’ Requirement to Keep Personnel Records for Inspection.

Sexual Harrassment Law San Diego

We have extensive experience advising clients regarding sexual harassment and employment discrimination. We help employers set up disciplinary programs to recognize, address and eliminate harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

Employer’s Rights re: Sick Leave

We counsel and represent business and employers regarding permissible sick, vacation, parental and other types of leave, particularly with respect to the family medical leave rights.

Employee Policy Manuals

We review and draft employee policy manuals and advise employers with respect to the need for, and the substance of, employee policies and policy manuals.

Covenants Not To Compete

We review and prepare covenants not to compete, non-solicitation agreements and confidentiality agreements. These contracts protect sensitive company information, such as customer lists or product ideas.

Employee Background Checks

We also advise clients regarding employee privacy issues, such as drug testing, background checks, workplace searches and the monitoring of employee conduct.

Your situation is unique. Do not rely exclusively on the above information; it is necessary that you speak with a licensed California lawyer about your particular matter. For more information or to schedule a free confidential consultation with a San Diego business attorney, call (619) 800-0676 or fill out the contact page of this website.

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