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We offer cost-effective legal advice to small and midsize companies, often focusing on business-critical legal services to startups and small businesses.  From idea to formation and financing, we help entrepreneurs navigate commercial contracts, mergers and acquisitions, and much more. We frequently provide general business advice to clients on transactions and on-going business issues including drafting and reviewing contracts, disputes, and employment matters.

Redline Service: Document Review Attorney

Companies large and small need a business lawyer either to review contracts such as leases and licenses, and to draft certain other agreements such as independent contractor agreements. These contracts are essential to a business’ success because they define the rights, privileges, options, and liability. When contract disputes occur, our attorneys can help you enforce and defend your rights to reach a favorable solution.


Contract litigation usually is governed by the contract written between the parties. For instance, the “Attorney-Fee” provision in a contract usually delineates whether the parties are responsible to pay their own attorney fees should litigation arise. The decision whether to add certain provisions into a contract must be well thought out. We have negotiated and drafted many types of commercial and intellectual property agreements, including leasing, licensing, purchase, and sales. 

Quick Explanation of the Statute of Frauds:

The Statute of Frauds requires certain contracts to be written. Oral contracts are enforceable, however, the terms of an oral contract can be much more difficult to interpret and prove. Business transactions should always be controlled by well written agreements.


Breach of contract litigation is by far the majority of our business litigation practice.  This is why we do our best to draft air-tight contracts in advance, foreseeing and avoiding potential disagreements.  That said, people often disagree over poorly orchestrated agreements. 

If two parties have a contract dispute, our breach of contract lawyer will analyze your rights, with a specific focus on negotiating a favorable resolution.  If litigation cannot be avoided, we will help you construct a plan to demand results efficiently and effectively.  We understand a breach of contract lawsuit is a costly distraction to your business. Our goal is to maximize your rights under contract so you can focus on operating your business.

While we have a practical and financial approach to our clients’ breach of contract matters, we also litigate product liability cases.  Consistent with our small to midsize business focus, we have expertise in licensing and services contracts, including consulting agreements.  We also have significant experience in real estate contract litigation, including disputes over purchase-sale, or lease agreements. In addition, if employment litigation ensues, we can help address and resolve issued related to wrongful termination.  Please read more in our litigation section. 

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